1. All Stations West

  2. daisy, daisy

  3. Some Came Running

  4. worms don't care, unless you're dancing

  5. 冷たい Sleep Warm ベッド

  6. PJ Harry and the peachy PGs

  7. 寂しい Songs for Swingin' Lovers! 小虎

  8. fre$h fetus

  9. Forgo the Poopla

  10. empty beats

  11. fuck.

  12. Launching the Sea Pickle

  13. bread was band, but this is an album (duh!)

  14. Heavenly Spheres

  15. Deforestations

  16. perfect night for some outdoor sex

  17. Flamingos

  18. Chasing Something That Doesn't Exist

  19. hot hotel receptionists

  20. Ephemeral Drift

  21. some days are better than others

  22. Second Sun

  23. talking shit about countries i've never heard of

  24. the dog is a god

  25. amassed ego

  26. they said tomorrow the world's going to end, but i don't believe them

  27. Optforp Mala

  28. i built a mountain off of which i will dive into the sea

  29. Familiar Uncomfort Zone

  30. Peelorean 3000D

  31. my little public breakdown

  32. SWAMMiNG ft. the fucking testers
    Penis Grenade, the Testers

  33. this is my job

  34. (penis grenade is dead)

  35. イォLovelessデサレ'

  36. Effort Waves

  37. two goldfish in a tiny bowl meet each other for the first time

  38. front loading memories

  39. in place of an empty store ii

  40. Diffident

  41. if only pandas knew how to love

  42. selling out the peenade stand

  43. worship happiness

  44. sincere song

  45. )moist coital cigarette(

  46. Umbrage

  47. in place of an empty store

  48. slammin beers in the dugout (the single!)

  49. [ #: D/F/C ]*

  50. I'd Rather Be High In Hell Than Spend Another Sober Day Here In Heaven

  51. e e cummings..... ;)

  52. They Speak Strange Through the Static Television

  53. Sometimes, I Cry Myself To Sleep Everytime

  54. "Penis Grenade Is Different, Dude"

  55. The Yellow Album

  56. Overheard at Camp Whalewalasingdong

  57. Penis Grenade presents: Ghost Rider!

  58. If Whales Could Talk, They Would Have Nothing To Say To You

  59. Why Do They FsUCK SO HARD


  61. shit-noise



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